At the British Youth Band Association (BYBA), we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants, staff, and spectators at our events. As part of our ongoing efforts to protect privacy and ensure the responsible use of media, we are pleased to introduce our updated Event Media Policy for the upcoming season.

The Photography Policy outlines guidelines and procedures to be followed by all photographers attending BYBA events. It aims to strike a balance between capturing memorable moments and respecting the privacy and consent of individuals involved. We kindly request all photographers to adhere to these guidelines for the benefit of everyone involved.

Key Highlights of the Event Media Policy:

  1. Photography Passes: Photographers must obtain a photography pass from BYBA before the event. Each band will receive one allocated photography pass per event. All other photographers must apply for a photography pass. These passes grant photographers access to the field for better coverage of performances.
  2. Photo Consent: All photographers must obtain photo consent from BYBA/the bands before capturing any images. Consent forms will be sent to the bands and must be completed prior to the event.
  3. Professional Conduct: We expect photographers to conduct themselves professionally, respecting the privacy of individuals and operating in a non-intrusive manner. Please be mindful of personal space and avoid taking photographs of individuals who have not consented to be photographed.
  4. Media Approval: All captured media, including photos and videos, must be submitted to BYBA for approval before publication. This includes sharing on social media platforms. This step ensures the protection of privacy and compliance with our policies.
  5. Drone Usage: Drones are not permitted at any BYBA event due to safety and privacy concerns.
  6. Video Sharing: Videos taken at BYBA events must be approved by BYBA before being shared publicly. This ensures the quality and appropriateness of the content being shared.
  7. Consequences of Non-Compliance: Failure to comply with the policy may result in the revocation of a photographer's pass for the rest of the season.

Please note that the photography passes issued by BYBA remain the property of BYBA and must be returned after the event. The application form for a pass will be made available at least 1 month prior to any relevant events.

Exception for Parents: This policy does not apply to parents or guardians taking photos of their children from the stands. However, we kindly request that parents and guardians respect the privacy and safety of all participants and avoid taking photographs of individuals who have not consented to be photographed.

We are dedicated to ensuring the privacy and safety of all participants and appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines. Your support will contribute to a positive experience for all involved in our events.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Communications Chair, Luke Taylor, at

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to a successful and memorable season ahead!