The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the UK band scene with both IMG and BYBA cancelling our respective spring and summer seasons. However all may not be lost for 2020 as BYBA and IMG are pleased to announce that we have jointly put together a new concept with the creation of a series of shows we are calling the Autumn Band Series.

Providing the pandemic has eased, the shows will take place in October and November, with Finals scheduled for the first weekend in December. This will give all groups the opportunity to perform their 2020 shows before they start getting ready for the 2021 season. All shows will be held indoors and will feature the best that both BYBA and IMG have to offer, including the WGI Winds and Percussion classes. The arena sizes will be the standard IMG floor area for those classes whilst the BYBA bands will have the full floor area of the arena.

BYBA Chair Neil Wright said “These shows will offer something for all participants, ranging from full marching shows in the BYBA classes, to stand still and concert performances in the IMG classes. This means they will feature a wide variety of performances from musical groups from around the UK including Performance Ensembles, Big Bands, Brass bands, Marching bands, Concert bands and more.”

The dates of these events will be dependent on the lifting of the lockdown and subsequent venue availability. But providing this is feasible, the series will be held on the following dates:-

Sat/Sun 10/11th October - Midlands Show
Sat/Sun 24/25th October - Northern Show
Sat/Sun 21/22nd November - Southern Show
Sat/Sun 5/6th December - Finals

IMG Chair Andy Hewlett said “I’m delighted that our successful strategic partnership with BYBA has now gone on a stage further with the launch of the Autumn Band Series. This new circuit will be jointly run by both organisations and offers a unique performance opportunity to all participants. I would like to thank the WGI for the continued support and I look forward to seeing how the ABS develops”.

More details regarding Autumn Band Series will follow as soon as it is available so keep your eyes peeled!