Band and your hearing

Webinar Thursday 23 May 19.45 – 21.00

There’s no getting away from it, band is LOUD. Persistently, repetitively, LOUD.

And persistent loud sounds damage hearing – permanently. Percussionists, brass players and instructors are particularly at risk

Even helpers who sit in on rehearsals can be exposed to dangerous levels of noise.  As responsible bandmasters, instructors and section leaders we need to act now to prevent damage that can last a life time.

So earplugs are the answer, yes? Cheap earplugs block noise, for sure, but they also block music – so as musicians we often refuse to wear them. Join our webinar, in association with the British Tinnitus Association and Hearology, to learn why it’s important to protect your hearing, even before you have symptoms, and how to do that without losing the music.

Special Guest Speakers

Nic Wray
Communications Manager
British Tinnitus Association
Vincent Howard
Chief Audiologist

*Loving music and looking after your ears go hand in hand*

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