Following several discussions with member bands, the British Youth Band Association (BYBA) are pleased to announce the details for a live event to be held at Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium, Leicester, on Sunday 12th September 2021.


On The Day

Starting at 11am, there will be 7 bands performing on the day. This will be the first public performance since the pandemic started (March 2019) for many of these bands! Each band has also been invited to host their own stall.

Adding to the performances, BYBA will be running "Fastest Drummer" and "Longest Note" competitions. The initial heats will be held at stalls during the day, with the highest-placing participants qualifying for finals held at the end of the day.

Away from the field, there will also be a bouncy castle and an ice cream van. Catering will also be available on the day.



11:00 - Liberty

11:35 - Syston Scout and Guide Band

12:05 - Phantom Knights

12:40 - Beeches

** Break **

13:55 - Lanesfield BB/GB

14:30 - Concord

15:05 - Stafford Brigades

15:30 - Retreat

15:35 - Longest Note Finals

15:50 - Fastest Drummer Finals



All at BYBA recognise the struggles that bands have had to endure through the pandemic, with the place they've been hit the hardest being their pockets. COVID-19 has prevented many bands from performing Christmas carols, or at fetes and parades, which for many bands is their main source of income.

It is also recognised that band families and supporters have dug deep to help keep their bands running over this time, a time when many have been struggling with their own issues.

To acknowledge this, and as a token of our appreciation for their dedication and hard work to the banding world, BYBA are removing all costs for this event - there will be no entry fee for bands, and spectator entry to the event is free of charge.


For further information about this event, please contact Communications Chair Luke Taylor at