This year’s National Performance Conference is to be held on Sunday 24th November 2019 at Rolleston on Dove Scout HQ Station Road, Burton on Trent, Staffs. DE13 9AB.

Registration will open at 10.30am with the conference starting at 11am.


Proposals should make reference to an existing Rule (where relevant) from the 2019 Guidelines document available here, and clearly show the existing and revised wording.

The member submitting the proposal, and therefore speaking for that, must be a current 2019 member of BYBA, and must be in attendance on the day of the Conference. If you have submitted the proposal and are not in attendance then proposal will be removed from the agenda.

If you cannot get to the conference then a Proxy Voting form is available here. No member can carry more than one proxy vote, and Council members cannot carry a proxy vote.

We urge all bands to send at least one representative to the National Conference; the bigger the attendance then the better the discussion on agenda items relating to our performance and judging rules and processes. Then, together, we can drive BYBA forward based on what is right for our association as we approach BYBA 2020, which may see BYBA being involved in some new events.

Any questions, proposals or discussion points can be submitted to