Following on from a successful first 3 competitions, BYBA has today announced the splitting of the divisions ready for the second half of the season.

For the first half of the season, all bands competed in two divisions. Any bands containing more than 8 overage members were placed into Associate Class whilst the remaining youth bands competed in the Open Class. Now that we have reached the halfway point in the season and given bands the chance to show us what they have got, they will be placed into the appropriate classes for the remainder of the season.

Any youth bands scoring 50 points or higher have been placed into Premier Class. This means that Phantom Knights (66.85)Revolution (64.175) and Liberty (50.825) will be competing for the top honours this year. The remaining bands will be competing in Championship Class.

This method of splitting the bands was successfully trialled last year to great success, and we hope that it continues to provide an effective means of separating out the bands. It has certainly made a few divisions more competitive than the previous method, in which bands were able to self-select which division they competed in - which also sometimes resulted in a band being left in a division on their own!

The full leagues, along with the rest of this season's scores, can be found on our Results page.