The British Youth Band Association (BYBA) is thrilled to unveil the dates for its highly anticipated 2023 calendar of events. These captivating showcases will spotlight the extraordinary talents of young musicians from across the UK, providing them with a remarkable platform to perform and compete against their peers.

Kicking off the series is Music Revolution on 18th June, an exhilarating event that promises to surpass all expectations. Set in a brand-new venue, this extraordinary gathering will feature a diverse array of performance.

Prepare to be enthralled on 2nd July as BYBA presents Summer Rhythm, a vibrant affair where young musicians can display their prowess in a relaxed and informal setting. This eagerly anticipated event will captivate audiences with a delightful medley of performances by youth bands and drum corps hailing from every corner of the country.

Mark your calendars for 9th July as BYBA's Midlands Show takes center stage. Showcasing the finest young musicians from the Midlands region, this electrifying event serves as a thrilling opportunity for bands and drum corps to compete and demonstrate their exceptional talents on a national stage.

Anticipation builds for the Autumn Showcase on 24th September, a visual and auditory spectacle that promises to leave audiences spellbound. Against the backdrop of a stunning venue, this event will showcase an extraordinary tapestry of performances by youth bands, drum corps, and special guest appearances by some of the UK's most renowned musicians.

Finally, on 8th October, the BYBA National Championships will culminate the remarkable 2023 calendar. This grand finale is where the crème de la crème of youth bands and drum corps from all corners of the country will converge, vying for the prestigious title of National Champion.

Enthusiasts and admirers of the vibrant youth band scene are urged to secure their tickets promptly via the BYBA website. These extraordinary events are not to be missed!

Furthermore, the British Youth Band Association (BYBA) is excited to announce that plans are underway to bring back the highly anticipated Individuals and Ensembles competition. This eagerly awaited event will make its return as an in-person gathering, providing young musicians with the opportunity to showcase their individual skills and ensemble performances. Stay tuned for updates as BYBA will release the dates for this exciting competition later in the year, expected to take place in November. Prepare to witness the exceptional talents of these young musicians as they captivate audiences with their remarkable solo and ensemble performances.

In conclusion, the BYBA 2023 calendar promises an unforgettable year for young musicians and fervent supporters of the youth band community. With a captivating array of events featuring exceptional talents from across the UK, each gathering offers a unique and enthralling experience. Ensure you reserve your spot to witness these extraordinary performances – book your tickets now!