Last Sunday (3rd March) saw the newly-elected BYBA Council meet for the first time since the AGM. Please see below for details of what was discussed

Present: Paul Morgan ("PDM"); Andrew Horton ("AWH"); Gary Roylance ("GR"); Richard Haw ("RH"); Luke Taylor ("LT"); Emma Arnett ("EA"); Luke Bodycot ("LB") and Carl Harris ("CH").

Co-opted Council Members

Luke Taylor was co-opted onto council and will assume the new council role of chair of technology.

Carl Harris and Luke Bodycot were co-opted onto council with a general brief to represent the interests of the membership, on council. It was agreed that we would look to set up members forums 2 or 3 times a year, now that there were no longer regional meetings.

Richard Haw was welcomed back to council to assume the role of chair of communications once again - initially for a 3-month period, at Richard's request.

Indoor Music Games

The idea is to extend BYBA's offering to create performance opportunities for the full 12-month calendar with a view to this commencing in 2025 and to bring IMG, as a brand, under BYBA's umbrella, with a view to attracting more bands to BYBA.It was recognised that we would have to be certain that this was commercially viable and that it would not impact on BYBA's current summer season. There needs to be no financial downside to BYBA, which would require more detailed consideration of how IMG is funded.Accordingly, council will prepare a list of questions for IMG before the next council meeting, and these will be sent to Andy Hewlett, IMG Chair, and Andy will be invited to the next council meeting to discuss the matter more fully before any decision is made.

Contest Fees 2024

For the first contest entered by a band - £50.

For the second and third contests entered by a band - £25

If a band enters all four of the contests held in the 2024 season, the fourth contest will be free for that band.

New bands entering contests this year (not having been in membership or competed in the last 5 years), will receive free entry to the first contest they enter. After which the above contest fees will apply.

Finals entrance fees are set at £100 per band.

Last year the fee charged to contest sponsors was waived. This year BYBA will need to charge contests a fee to assist with covering judging costs. Council has agreed that the fee charged to contests this year will be £150, as opposed to the fee of £300 charged to contests in the past. However to alleviate the financial burden on contests, the host band will not be required to pay the entry fee for the contest they are hosting.


The judges training day will take place on 13 April 2024 in Ashton-Under-Lyne.As has happened for the last 2 years, all bands will be placed in the open class for the first half of the season. After which bands will be split into seperate leagues for the second half. The process being determined by a panel of judges, lead by the chair of judging and approved by council.


The contests have been fixed as follows, with venues to be confirmed.Summer Rhythm - 30th June 2024Music Revolution - 14th July 2024Midlands Music in Motion - 8th September 2024Autumn Showcase - 22nd September 2024National Championships - 6th October - Steel Park Stadium Corby.


Luke Taylor and Emma Arnett have created a new portal which should make registering for contests much easier for bands and will be rolled out shortly.


The present financial position was reviewed, and the Association is in good order, with sufficient reserves to meet any expected expenditure.

Full accounts will of course be produced for financial year end and produced at the AGM.

Date of next meeting - Sunday 19th May 2024