BYBA Council

The British Youth Band Association is governed by a Council of Trustees (usually just referred to as the "Council"). The Council is appointed at the BYBA AGM and consists of 11 members, elected for 3 year terms, along with up to 5 co-opted members.

The Council elected for 2022 is below:

Neil Wright - BYBA Chairman

Neil Wright


Andrew Horton - Secretary

Andrew Horton


Justine Morris - Treasurer

Justine Morris


Luke Taylor - Communications

Luke Taylor

Communications Chair

Clive Burd - Contesting

Clive Burd

Contesting Chair

Gary Roylance - Judging

Gary Roylance

Judging Chair

Wally Hemingway - Northern Region

Wally Hemingway

Northern Region Chair

Keith Morris - Midlands

Keith Morris

Midlands Region Chair

Association Vice Chair

Paul Morgan - Southern Region

Paul Morgan

Southern Region Chair

Lisa Valentine - Membership

Lisa Valentine

Membership Secretary (Co-opted)

Carl Harris - Band Representative

Carl Harris

Band Representative (Co-opted)

Luke Bodycot - Band Representative

Luke Bodycot

Band Representative (Co-opted)