It’s time to think about BYBA membership for 2019. We are pleased to confirm that we have reduced the fees for most membership categories while at the same time increasing the range of member benefits.

*NEW* Training Opportunities

This year we’ve teamed up with the Corps of Army Music to offer an Army Music Training Day at the historic Kneller Hall on 9 February. Aimed at 13-35 year olds, this is an opportunity only available to BYBA member bands – and one not to be missed. As we expect it to be very popular, we hope to run another joint session later in 2019.

Following from its successful introduction last year, we’ll be offering several opportunities for new instructors, designers and bandmasters to receive training – so-called ‘train the trainer’. Train the Trainer brass and percussion instructor training is scheduled for 9 March and will be suitable for all styles, with specialist traditional instructors as well as showband/drum corps style instructors.

Later in the year we plan to run Train the Show Designer, again suitable for all styles, and we’ll be running Train the Bandmaster alongside at least one of these, with important updates for all band leaders, including on safeguarding and data protection.

Finally, we are in the early stages of planning a Train the Colourguard Instructor session, which is sure to be popular as guard instructors are as rare as hens’ teeth nowadays. These will be free for members to attend and available to non-members for a fee.

We’ll also be introducing a brand new Webinar Series onfactual topics. Our first webinar – scheduled for March 2019 – will be on the important but neglected subject of hearing protection and will be presented by hearing protection experts Hearology.

A further webinar, aimed at individual band members, on coping with performance anxiety will follow later in the year.

Outdoor Regional Summer Season 

In partnership with our regional show organisers, we’ll be offering four exciting regional shows. Although you can enter regional shows and be judged without being a BYBA member, you must be in membership to qualify for the national league which decides the performance order for National Championships.

National Championships

On the weekend of 5/6 October 2019 (date to be confirmed depending on venue availability) we’ll once again be hosting our National Championships.

You must be in membership to take part in National Championships.

Individuals and Ensembles Contest

Following November’s successful event delivered in partnership with Liberty Drum Corps, we expect places to be in high demand in 2019. So we’ll be offering priority entry to youngsters in BYBA-registered bands, and also a lower entry fee compared with the fee for non-member bands. If you have several entrants, this alone could justify your membership fee!

Your Say on BYBA’s Direction and Competition Rules

As usual, we’ll be giving you plenty of opportunity to have your say at the AGM and the National Performance Conference. Only members with voting rights can have their say on constitutional proposals and changes to rules, so make sure you renew yours in time for the AGM on Saturday 2 February 2019.

Networking Opportunities

We’ll continue to offer the opportunity for regional meetings and our Facebook groups provide a great forum for exchanging views, with some restricted to members only. And we’ll work harder to provide opportunities for newer members to learn from experienced bands, and for the young members to catch up with one another at contests and other events.We’ll be re-thinking the youth council to ensure the youth voice is heard loud and clear.

Regional Showcases

Midlands Showcase and Northern Preview are great opportunities to perform in front of a friendly and supportive audience. BYBA supports both events, so being a member means you’ll be first on the invitation list.


BYBA’s formal mentoring system is underused, so if you think you could benefit then contact us and we’ll link you up with a suitable mentor. This benefit is only available to BYBA member bands.


As a BYBA member you also get to contribute to our web resources, including factsheets and case studies, to help you build stronger and more resilient bands. And you’ll be the first to benefit from initiatives such as research and knowledge-sharing.

Awards and Funding

Why not recognise the important people in banding in your area by nominating someone to be received into the BYBA Fellowship? Or to receive the President’s Award, the Terry Kemp Award for someone who deserves special recognition or the new Marie Leighton-Morgan award?

The Dalton Wright Bursary Fund is available to provide financial support for musically-based projects or for members who wish to follow a musical career.

Barbara Leach
Acting Membership Secretary