Its time for a  R · U · M · B · L · E

Really Useful Marching Band Learning Experience

Saturday 8th February 10am until 6pm (with the option of an over night stay)

Sunday 9th February 10am until 4pm 

What’s the R·U·M·B·L·E?

It’s BYBA’s annual weekend for anyone involved in running a band – band masters, corps directors, band managers, trustees, supporters, band mums and dads. You may not read music or know how to march – but you work tirelessly behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly and create opportunities for the members. This weekend is for you, the unsung heroes of banding.

You’ll meet other people from around the country doing the same as you. In friendly workshops, you’ll share what’s worked and what hasn’t worked, learn from experts, and pick up tips and take away tools that will help you be more effective. They’ll also be plenty of time for informal networking. So whether you are with an independent band or one affiliated to an organisation like the Scouts or the NTC, we guarantee you’ll go away inspired, reinvigorated, and with a practical plan of action to take your band forward into the 2020s.

Saturday 8th: Leadership

Bands of all types, all across the country, are struggling to recruit and retain new members. Making Music is the national charity for leisure-time music making, and we’ll be joined by their youth engagement manager, Xenia Davis, for an interaction session. We’ll work together to draw up recruitment and retention strategies relevant to your band, so you can take them away and take action straight away. For affiliated organisations, we’ll help you work with your constraints and understand the opportunities that these associations provide. Bring along your own examples of successful and unsuccessful recruitment adverts for group critique.

Topics: What is it you are actually offering? What’s your target market? How does what you charge affect uptake? How are you telling people about what you do? What channels are you using to promote it? Are you using social media effectively? What’s competing with your band, and how are you addressing it? How are you checking what’s working and what isn’t?

Takeaways: Outline marketing strategy, recruitment strategy, retention strategy and social media strategy that you can continue to work on with your own band management team

Sunday 9th (am): Leadership

Maybe you are the band master or corps director, maybe you’re the chair of the charity, or maybe you are responsible for one small aspect of running your band. Either way, you’ll be expected to lead others from time to time. Leading any organisation has challenges, but leading volunteers who’ll no doubt have strong views about how to do things, and who may be very different from you, can be frustrating as much as rewarding.

Topics: What makes a good leader? What makes a terrible leader? Who has inspired you, and how did they do it? In what ways is a leader different from a manager? How can you understand others better to be a more effective leader? What is your natural leadership style? How can you adapt your style for different situations? What approaches have worked for you in difficult situations?

Takeaways: Personality profile, situational leadership tools, leadership improvement action plan

How much does it cost?

To cover the costs of venue hire, we unfortunately have to charge for this event.

  • BYBA Gold members - £10 for up to five attendees

  • BYBA individual members - £4

  • BYBA Silver member bands, Bronze member bands and Non-member bands - £20 for up to five attendees

  • Non-member individuals - £8 each

  • Overnight stay at Warwick Corps of Drums HQ - £3.50 per person (over 18s only)

How do I book?

Click here to book your tickets. If you are booking member tickets please make sure you are registered for 2020 membership – information can be found here. Pay for your tickets here. For more information, please contact Barbara Leach, BYBA Training Co-ordinator, on 07810 334056 or


For more information please see our PDF HERE