The second BYBA regional AGM took place on Friday 19th November. This time it was the turn of our Southern Region bands.



The first item on the agenda was the relationship between BYBA and the Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association (TYMBA). Claire Stacey, TYMBA's chair, is also the bandmaster for Burgess Hill Marching Youth (a BYBA Southern Region band), so she was invited to take the virtual floor.

Claire outlined TYMBA's plans for 2022 and beyond, and how that linked in with BYBA. Instead of pulling in separate directions and running two (sometimes conflicting) competition circuits, the plan is for TYMBA and BYBA, along with the Indoor Music Games, to work hand in hand. The final details of this unofficial partnership have not been fully developed yet, however it has been suggested that BYBA run the competitive side and TYMBA run the educational side. There was even suggestion of a joint music library, which would allow for a wider repertoire for all member bands as well as the opportunity for massed band performances!

The other major discussion point was the Lord Mayor's Parade in London. All in attendance agreed that the coverage by the BBC was appalling and was disrespectful to participating bands. Claire and Neil Wright (BYBA Chair) agreed to investigate any possible action the Associations could take.


Autumn Band Series

Southern Region Chair Paul Morgan next praised the Autumn Band Series show, held in collaboration with TYMBA, the Indoor Music Games, and the Nautical Training Corps (NTC). Paul and Claire both praised the slickness of the event, and the great variety of bands and repertoire on offer on the day.


Indoor Music Games

Concluding his updates on the rest of the marching world, Paul came to the Indoor Music Games, whose circuit runs in the spring. He touched briefly on their 2022 schedule, which consists of 1 Northern show, 1 Midlands show, and 2 Southern shows. He also mentioned their plans to run training events and clinics with judges from the US-based Winter Guard International (WGI).



The agenda then turned towards BYBA matters. First up was the joint BYBA-TYMBA Individuals and Ensembles competition, which had been held virtually for the second year running. There were 70 entries, which is lower than the 90+ from the previous year but still high compared to the in person events. It was also pleasing to see entries from new bands and from bands that would not normally participate.


BYBA 2022

Finally, we came to BYBA's plans for the 2022 season. The 2022 and 2023 show dates have all been provisionally announced, but Paul had an extra date for us all! Sunday 22nd May 2022 is planned as a preview marching event before the season kicks off in June. This will be at Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium in Leicester.

With the 2022 and 2023 dates being published at the same time, BYBA have outlined their plans for staying ahead with show dates. The intention is to keep shows on similar weekends going forwards, and to keep 2 years ahead - so the 2024 show dates are due to be released in 2022.

There was also some very intriguing news about BYBA Finals 2022 from BYBA Performance Chair Clive Burd, but with some details still to be confirmed you'll have to watch this space!


The BYBA AGM will be held via Zoom on Sunday 16th January 2022 at 6pm.