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BYBA Fellowship

In 2005, all previous Vice Presidents, Life Vice Presidents and Presidents were transferred into a new structure, the BYBA Fellowship. Nominations are open to the membership at our AGM. Award criteria and nomination form can be found on our Resources page.

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John Anning
Peter Ingram
Stanley Wright
Tom Bradshaw
Derek Jackson
Douglas McClean
John Warden
John Bond
Diane Bond
Robert Jarman
Patrick Dalton
Eddie Burridge
Eddie Hendle
David Lee
Bill Roberts
Steve Jordan
Pauline Ingram
Bob Girvan

Roy Powell
John Hansford
Maurice Day
Leroy Grubb
Wendy Bawden
Roger Ash
Glen Carter
Geoff Bailey
Tony Patrick
Douglas Caldwell
Irene Roberts
David Loader
Steve Johnson
John Johnson
Barry Vernon
Mark Nicholson
Christine Cartwright
Ann Matthews MBE

Paul Cartwright
David Cousland
Allan Palmer
Tammy Clegg
Peter Marshall
Ron Everett
Paul Morgan
Terry Middleton
Jackie Tetley
Elaine Thurtle
Terry Thurtle
David John Harvey (Ewing)
Barry Hulbert
Tony Hendle
Andrew Crowden
Gill Crowden
Marie Leighton-Morgan
John Harrop

Rob Bolton
Alan Dawes
Joan Hendle
Rob Andrews
Steve Hall
Peter Friend

President's Award Winners

Roll of honour:

2019 Tony Hendle
2018 Marie Leighton-Morgan
2016 Allan Hainsworth
2015 David Cousland
2014 John Harrop
2010 Jackie Tetley
2005 Joan and Eddie Hendle
2003 Dave Milton. Stafford Lancers
2001 Terry Kemp. Nuneaton
1999 The Nimrods
1996 Dina Cooper. Staplehurst
1995 Michelle Allcott. Regency Corps
1994 Tammie Betworth. The Kingsmen
1993 Laura Fox. Spirit of Bristol
1991 Paul Williamson. Templar Knights
1990 David Rogers. Bristol Unicorns
1989 Andrew Vincent. Southwick North Bradley
1988 Lee Parrott. Westbury Bluebirds

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