As the summer season comes to an end, thoughts are turning to winter training programmes – and what better way to prepare than entering our Individuals and Ensembles competition? It’s a chance to move outside your comfort zone and show what you can do when you’re apart from your band.

We have categories to accommodate everyone. Play flute? No problem! The woodwind category’s for you. Want to show off your moves with a rifle? Of course! Individual colourguard is your category. Oh, you have a beatboxing grime collective? We have no idea what that is – but no worries at all! There’s the entertainment category for you.

And all of this in a supportive and encouraging environment that really lets young performers shine. But don’t take our word for it – this is what some the competitors, bandmasters and parents from last year said.

Georgia Inglis  |  Individual Percussion  |  Liberty

I&Es is such a good thing to be a part of. It brings everybody from all around together and it’s an opportunity for people to do what they love!


Emma Woodhouse (and mum Nicola)  |  Individual Brass  |  Warwick Corps of Drums

Emma had a great experience at last year's I&Es. It was her first solo competition and she played in the aged 10 and under brass category, having received a cornet from Santa the previous Christmas. Everyone at the competition was very friendly and supportive of all players regardless of their ability. Emma's favourite bit was when everyone got a certificate and there were even some trophies and medals. She felt a great sense of achievement and it has improved her confidence performing in front of others.

Kelsey Matts  |  Tuned Percussion  |  Beeches

I've always loved performing but I get so nervous performing on my own. I'm so glad that I was able to pull this off, it really helped me to build my confidence in playing. I will definitely be doing this again.


Sophie Corcoran  | Individual Colourguard  |  The Company

I really enjoyed taking part in I&E and would encourage everyone to take part.  It doesn’t matter what your age or ability is, what matters is showing everyone what your capable of.  It’s a fantastic day with loads of great shows.

Rhianna Leighton  |  Individual Colourguard  |  Thurrock Marching Brass

I&E is always scary and you feel very nervous at first but for me when that music starts playing I'm in another place and I just feel the music and do what I do best and only do my best as that's all I can ask of myself. I&E builds my confidence up and up every year I do it!

Daniel Rivett  |  Individual Brass  |  Beeches

I love performing and I&Es was a great opportunity for me to show what I could do. I played a duet with myself – I recorded one part at home and played along to it. You can do that kind of thing at I&Es – it’s pretty relaxed. I also really enjoyed watching everyone else, especially the younger kids who were given the chance to shine. I'd definitely do it again.

Chloe Crowhurst  |  Individual Colourguard  |  Thurrock Marching Brass

I&Es was pretty daunting as it was my first solo piece, but the atmosphere and the outcome made it all worthwhile. If there’s anyone considering it then 100% go ahead. It’s given me the confidence to come back this year and many more to follow!

Elliot Barnes Ward  |  Individual Brass  |  Liberty

I think I&E is a great thing for the young members of drum corps in the UK to take part in because it gives them a chance to shine in a calm and relaxed setting with no pressure on them. From experience with the young members at Liberty, it is a lot of fun and also boosts their confidence as players and performers. It’s great to see their faces when the scores are read out and they know that they have done themselves proud.

Becca Corcoran  |  Individual Brass  |  The Company

I&E is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your true talents. Believe in your ability, go out and prove to people that you can do it. It can be a little scary but all the performers are so encouraging so definitely worth taking part.

Paul Morgan  |  Chairman  |  Thurrock Marching Brass

All year long members learn to be a part of a larger team and how important their role is within that team to make the whole package work. I&Es allows them to express themselves as individuals and within small ensembles which for us here at TMB gives each and every one of us great pride to see. I&E caters for everyone from the novice first time performer right up to the experienced performer and our members make lifelong friendships and pit their wits against their peers in a fun and friendly way. It's a big part of our calendar and long may that continue.

Dale Willis  |  Corps Director |  Liberty

I encourage all of our members to enter at least one category, whether that's solo, duet or small ensemble. It's a friendly, supportive environment that really helps to develop members' confidence ... and it provides a change of focus for everyone after working on a long outdoor season. I&Es is an established part of Liberty's programme and one that our members really look forward to.