The highly anticipated Music Revolution competition, scheduled for June 18th, 2023, was set to mark the beginning of the British Youth Band Association (BYBA) circuit. Unfortunately, due to issues outside of host Revolution's control, the plans for the day have had to be changed.


There are 2 things required to make every show: bands and a venue. Unfortunately for Revolution they had issues with both - and through no fault of their own! We were all excited to hear that Revolution had secured a new, bigger venue for 2023, and were even more excited when we saw the pictures of it! Unfortunately a few issues reared their heads after everything was booked, causing Revo to look for alternative venues, only to find that the usual places were now all booked up!

It's no secret that the Music Revolution show is not as well attended due to it being the only show in the North - and although this year's entry list was strong enough to have run an amazing day of music, the show was struck with withdrawals and left with 1 competitive entry and 1 exhibition!

Alternative Plans

Revolution usually do an exciting community performance in the weeks before their first competitive performance. There had not yet been a community performance scheduled for this year, so Revolution have taken the opportunity to open up their rehearsal and this performance to those that were planning to attend the show. This also means you get the chance to experience a Revolution rehearsal live so you can see what goes into making a BYBA Champion Band!

BYBA's Support

As Music Revolution was set to be the first competitive performance of the year, BYBA had already committed to providing a full judging panel. We see no reason why that should change and will continue to do so. This unique arrangement provides an opportunity for the judges to conduct any necessary calibrations, ensuring accuracy and consistency as the season progresses. It also means that Revolution are not penalized for others withdrawing from their show, still allowing them to post their first score of the season.

Join Us

The event is scheduled to run from 1 - 3pm on Sunday 18th June. Full details are available on Revolution's Facebook Event.

We look forward to seeing you there!