With a new season comes new challenges, I am very excited and privileged to accept my new challenge in BYBA for 2019 as judging manager.

Having taken the helm from Tony this year I am looking forward to continuing the work he started.

We have listened to the membership and I'm pleased to announce one of the biggest changes for some years is that in 2019 BYBA will be using a new judging system. This has taken a lot of planning to implement and that couldn’t have been done without the foundations laid last year.

We feel the new system fits our organisations values in that it caters for all genres of our activity. However please be assured that this doesn't mean we're not open to further development. The new system is dynamic in the sense that we will make amendments to it where necessary and where the membership feel changes are beneficial.

As with last year all judges will need to go through a process on the new system before being allocated as a judge on the field.

I am looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings with new shows and new ideas

Michael Potter