The AGM held on 27th September 2024 in Atherstone was well attended, with 20 people in attendance and a further 3 bands being represented by proxy.

Before the meeting Paul Morgan outlined his vision and plans for the Association, if elected as Chair and this led to a healthy discussion on the future of the activity.

At the AGM Neil Wright gave his final address as Association Chair,  highlighting both the struggles and high points of his 6 years in office.  Neil was enthusiastically thanked for his service and welcomed into the Fellowship by Paul Morgan and presented with an engraved conductor’s baton on behalf of BYBA, as a token of appreciation for the tireless work and significant contribution to the activity over his term as Chair.  He was keen to emphasise that all though he will no longer be on Council, he will be happy to assist in the background.

Paul Morgan was unanimously elected as Chair of the Association, Gary Roylance was unanimously re-elected as Chair of Judging and Emma Arnett was elected to the newly created role of Chair of Events, which will also include the contesting role.  Emma was welcomed onto Council.

There were four proposals before the meeting:

  1. To replace the Regions - It is envisaged that Regional meetings will be replaced by three annual meetings for all bands and interested parties.
  2. Adding a Technology role to Council.
  3. Change the Quorum required for the AGM to 60% of the Membership.
  4. Reduce the number of Council roles.

All four proposals were passed unanimously by the meeting, with one small amendment to the fourth proposal, (To reduce Council roles) where it was agreed to retain the role of Chair of Education.  The Constitution will be amended accordingly.

Many thanks

Andrew Horton

Association Secretary