The President Award is a BYBA Council award that is given to an individual who they feel has significantly contributed to the Association over a prolonged period of time. There are no restrictions on who Council feel deserve such an accolade, but with only 17 previous awards given since 1974, some 46 years, it isn’t hard to recognise just how prestigious this award really is for the individual.

Today we managed to catch up in a ‘virtual’ gathering to confirm the 18th recipient in our very own Tony Hendle.

Tony has been involved in the marching and performing arts scene since he was a first night member in 1973 of Thurrock Drum & Trumpet Corps, who later renamed themselves to Thurrock Marching Brass (TMB) in late 1979. Tony was instrumental in the development of TMB at both musician and instructional level, where his musical talents helped to define a generation of marching band here in the UK. He was instrumental in helping to successfully re-launch TMB after a 21 year absence in 2010 and remains today one of its most trusted advisers. Tony has also played significant roles in other very well known and respected BYBA members such as the Cavaliers of Basingstoke, leading their musical program to great heights also.

Tony Hendle

Countless BYBA seminars and band visits have benefitted from Tony’s expertise over several decades, as has Council and he took on the daunting task of re invented the Judging process with our late dear friend Nigel Brown as they lead the judging teams for many years and developed them all into highly respected and knowledgeable individuals across a very wide spectrum.

More recently, Tony has been battling with Cancer, but until very recently, that has not stopped him from providing the Association with world class service for the betterment of the hundreds of participants in what we provide. It is this tireless dedication that has earned this very great recognition from Council, and it is with absolute pleasure that we present him ‘virtually’ with his achievement award.

Congratulations Tony from myself, Neil Wright as Chairman on behalf not only of Council, but also everyone in the Association.