The British Youth Band Association (BYBA) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, January 28th, 2023. We understand that not all members were able to attend this significant event, and thus, we aim to keep everyone informed about the decisions and updates that transpired during the AGM.

Key Decisions and Resignations

The AGM witnessed several notable decisions and unfortunate resignations within the association. Firstly, Treasurer Justine Morris, Contesting Chair Clive Burd, and Midlands Region Chair/Association Vice Chair Keith Morris have tendered their resignations. Additionally, Lisa Valentine's term as Co-opted Membership Secretary has come to an end. Unfortunately, no candidates came forward to fill these vacant positions, leaving them currently unoccupied. However, Association Secretary Andrew Horton's term ended, and he was successfully re-elected.

Vacant Positions

Alongside the resignations, no individuals stood for election for the vacant Chair of Education and Chair of Development positions. This presents an opportunity for passionate and dedicated members to contribute to the association's growth and development by stepping into these crucial roles. Interested members are encouraged to express their interest and take part in shaping the future of the BYBA.

Constitutional Proposals

During the AGM, two constitutional proposals were presented for consideration. The first proposal aimed to excuse Council members from paying membership fees as a gesture of gratitude for their voluntary contributions to the association. The second proposal sought to remove the existing regional structure, replacing it with a unified forum that encompasses all bands. Unfortunately, both proposals did not gain sufficient support and did not pass. However, these discussions serve as valuable insights into the views and perspectives of the BYBA community.

Accessing AGM Materials

For members who were unable to attend the AGM, the association recognizes the importance of accessing meeting materials. AGM materials, including comprehensive minutes and relevant documents, are available upon request. Members are encouraged to reach out to the BYBA administration to obtain these materials. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding the accessibility of these materials and the process to request them.

The 2023 BYBA AGM marked a pivotal moment for the association, with important decisions and discussions shaping its path forward. While the resignations and vacant positions pose challenges, they also present opportunities for members to actively engage, contribute, and make a difference within the BYBA. We encourage interested individuals to step forward, express their interest, and play a crucial role in the growth and success of the association.

As we move forward, the BYBA remains committed to transparency and ensuring that all members have access to relevant information. Members who were unable to attend the AGM are urged to request the meeting materials to stay informed about the discussions and decisions that took place.