Taking part in your first BYBA contest can be a daunting prospect, but as Adrian Tongue - Bandmaster of 15th Nottingham BB Band - explains, perhaps it's not as daunting as you might think ...


"After taking part in our second Brigade Showcase competition we wanted also to have a go at a BYBA contest. So, with some trepidation we agreed to take part in the contest at Corby, but we shouldn't have worried as we had a great and very enjoyable time!

It was really good to see the other bands. Our members have had so many ideas on how they like to progress, which is great as we are a youth orientated activity, but which is enjoyed by both young and old.

The contest was a lot different to what I had been used to in years past, but the atmosphere was so friendly, encouraging and very sympathetic. Liberty did a great job of running the show, credit must go to Dale and his team, and I must mention the young guy who met up with us at the band reception, sorry can't remember his name, but he was very helpful and friendly and told us all that we needed to know!

I would like to say to all bands in the BB/GB banding world that they shouldn't be afraid of having a go at something that's not the Brigade Showcase Contest.

BYBA is a very accommodating band and musical organisation and with its other activities including training, regional meetings and its individual and ensemble competition there is plenty there for any up and coming Brigade band to get their teeth into."


Adrian Tongue
Band Master 15th Nottingham BB Band.