After the success of the Band is Back! event held on the 12th September, the British Youth Band Association (BYBA), Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association (TYMBA) and the Indoor Music Games (IMG) have investigated the possibility of running a new series of shows called the Autumn Band Series.

BYBA, TYMBA and IMG are pleased to share that they will be running an Autumn Band Series event at the Triangle Leisure Centre, Burgess Hill, on the 31st October. This event will see the three organisations join forces with the Nautical Training Corps (NTC), who will be hosting their National Band Competition at the same time.

Unfortunately, due to the lingering effects of COVID, the other 2 planned events (on the 2nd/3rd October and 4th/5th November) have had to be cancelled. This is mainly down to the prohibitive cost of hiring a venue (especially one suitable of catering to a band competition) - the cheapest venue found that was suitable cost over £3000!

Speaking about the developments, BYBA Communications Chair Luke Taylor said, "whilst it is sad and frustrating to have to cancel these events, I am very excited for the prospect of this new venture for the four organisations. Working with the NTC is another string in the bow of an already strong partnership [between BYBA, TYMBA, and IMG], and I can't wait to see where it takes the marching activity!"

For any questions about the Autumn Band Series on the 31st October, please contact Steve Hall at